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Seneca Rocks is the weekend crag for many climbing communities, including those in Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA. It is possible to day trip from close cities like Washington DC, but most choose to spend the night when rock climbing at Seneca Rocks. There are many options in the area, some close enough to be seen from the South Peak of Seneca. Below you will find links and phone numbers for campgrounds, hostels, motels and vacation cabins. The lodging amenities have come a long way since the days of the old Forest Service campground along Roy Gap Road.


There are two campgrounds within walking distance of Seneca Rocks Climbing School. Each has some advantages over the other, but both are decent campgrounds.

Seneca Shadows Campground

This campground is in Monongahela National Forrest. It has walk-in sites, which feature raised platforms for tents, picnic tables, and fire rings as well as a nice view of the west face of Seneca. Seneca Shadows also has group camp sites and RV hook-ups. The shower facilities are clean and this campground is situated on a hill above town so you tend not to hear any traffic. (304) 567-3082

Princess Snowbird Campground

This campground is just north of town on the far side of Seneca Creek. It has two bath houses and two open air pavilions spread out over several grassy acres with fire rings and picnic tables throughout. If you have a group or forgot your tent the “Indian Village” offers a unique West Virginia camping experience. Campers pick whatever plot of field looks best and set up shop. This campground tends to be the regular hang out. On a weekend it’s not unusual to find many climbers from the Pittsburgh or Washington, DC rock climbing communities here. Princess Snowbird is the least expensive of the options for individual campers. (304) 567-2351

Cherry Grove Campground

This is the new campground in the area. Its located 15 miles south of Seneca on US 28.


There are currently 3 motels in the Seneca Rocks area. One of which is literally across the street from Seneca Rocks Climbing School.

Yokum’s Motel

The Yokums own and operate two of the three local motels. The motel above the store is the one in the middle of town and right across the street from SRCS. (304) 567-2351


Harman’s North Fork Cabins

Harman’s North Fork Cabins offer very nice, quiet accommodations on the banks of the Potomac River just a few miles north of Seneca Rocks. The cabins are consistently clean and the staff friendly. The Harman’s property is beautiful and protected from road noise. This is also a great place for avid fisherman to stay. (800) 436-6254

Yokum’s Cabins

These cabins are the only ones in the area that can allow users to access the rocks and Seneca Rocks Climbing School without driving. We regularly recommend that clients stay in the new cabins next to the old Seneca Elementary School. (304) 567-2351