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Multi-pitch traditional rock climbing burns lots of calories and leaves climbers in need of a large meal, and usually a frosty adult beverage. Many climbers enjoy the post climb meal almost as much as any other part of traditional rock climbing life. There are a number of good restaurants in the Seneca Rocks area to gorge oneself and even out the calorie deficit.

Seneca Rocks Area

Harper’s Front Porch Restaurant

Harper’s Front Porch Restaurant is a staple of the traditional rock climber’s diet at Seneca Rocks. Joe and Caroline Harper run a great operation and pride themselves in the pizza their restaurant serves. In addition to the great food Harper’s Restaurant has the front porch, a covered, outdoor eating area with incredible views of the rock. The stairs up to Harper’s Front Porch Restaurant are literally spit’n distance from Seneca Rocks Climbing School. Joe and Caroline do not serve alcohol in their restaurant but you can bring it with you, and they have an excellent selection of beer down stairs in Harper’s Old Country Store. Harper’s Front Porch Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

Yokum’s Restaurant

Yokum’s Diner is located half a mile north of Seneca Rocks on US 58. The most popular fare here is the Yokum Burger, which can put a good dent in a traditional rock climber’s hunger at the end of a long day. Yokum’s diner is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yokum’s does not serve alcohol but has it to go.

Macksville Mart

The Macksville Mart is located 1.25 miles south of Seneca Rocks on US 33/28. From the outside it looks like just another gas station, but inside you can get a breakfast biscuit or sandwich, which are staples amongst the guides here. It is easy to tag breakfast and a sandwich without busting the budget. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gateway Restaurant

Gateway Restaurant is located 8 miles south of Seneca Rocks on US 33/28. This is a clean diner with good food and reasonable prices. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gateway does not serve alcohol.

Canaan Valley Area

While it is a 40 minute drive away, there are a number of great restaurants in the Canaan Valley area, particularly in the towns of Thomas and Davis.

Hellbender Burritos

Hellbender Burritos is well worth the drive. Located in the town of Davis, WV Hellbender Burritos serves “unique burritos in a unique atmosphere”. All Seneca regulars should make a trip here at least once regardless of whether or not it’s on their way home (chances are that first trip won’t be the last).

Mountain State Brewing Company

Food is important, but beer is a necessity, Mountain State fills that basic need in the Seneca area. They don’t serve food but do host bands regularly. We never have a big party at Seneca without a keg of their Seneca IPA.

The Purple Fiddle

Located just down the road from Mountain State Brewing Company in Thomas, WV, The Purple Fiddle provides two of the most important needs to the traditional rock climber, beer and food. But they go a step further and provide a third crucial human need, great live music. The Purple Fiddle hosts lots of great shows most days of the week and is truly a unique jewel of rural West Virginia.