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What and how much to bring clearly depends on the time of year, but don’t forget, we are in the mountains here. Spruce Knob to our south has seen snow in August before. For all of our rock climbing courses we recommend comfortable clothing that is non-restrictive. Synthetic materials that dry quickly and wick moisture away from the skin are preferred. Rain jackets are a must every day. If nothing else, they work well as a windbreaker if the wind picks up.

Food and Water

We regularly tell people to bring two liters of water and they show up with two 16oz bottles. Don’t be that person. If you’re not into the whole metric thing, bring two quarts of water with you per person. CamelBak type bladders are fine too; just make sure it has a shutoff valve. Three liters per person, per day, may be appropriate for the height of summer.

Don’t underestimate the amount of food needed for the day. You will be burning a lot of calories while climbing and you need to replace them. Having enough food can make the difference between getting in extra pitches and coming down early. There are many energy bars, blocks and electrolyte mixes available at The Gendarme climbing shop here, so make sure you have lots to snack on throughout the day in addition to that sandwich from The Macksville Mart.

What Should I Bring?

  1. Day pack that can hold all your food, water and gear (can be supplied by SRCS)
  2. Wind/rain jacket
  3. 2+ liters (quarts) of water
  4. Fleece/wool sweater
  5. Lunch (can be bought locally, but please do so before you meet for your course)
  6. Additional snacks, bars, energy blocks, jerky
  7. Camera (optional) Phones these days take great photos, but dropping one off the cliff will do more than crack the screen. Your call.
  8. Non-restrictive clothing (jeans not recommended)
  9. Closed toe shoes (no sandals/flip-flops)
  10. Sunglasses (with retention strap)
  11. Sunscreen
Rock Climbing Equipment

SRCS provides all necessary equipment for our rock climbing courses. Many participants want to bring their own equipment and are welcome to do so, but our instructor will need to inspect it and make sure it is adequate and appropriate for this type of climbing. Those shoes that allow you to send V whatever at the gym are not going to be ideal for all day, multi pitch climbing. All nylon climbing equipment such as harnesses and slings should be less than 7 years old and free of major signs of wear or UV degradation. All metal equipment should be in good working order with smooth operating/moving parts and free of any wear grooves.

Our Best Advice?

Just use common sense, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!