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What is Mountain Weather?

Even though Seneca Rocks is only 2600 feet tall, we are surrounded by Spruce Knob, Dolly Sods and North Fork Mountain which range from 3800 to 4800 feet. Combine these with the interconnecting valleys, and you have a series of speed bumps and sluice runs that can fend off weather or help channel it away when it does arrive. When we do have rain events, they are normally short enough that we still get a solid day of climbing in because, unlike most climbing areas, Seneca Rocks is a large fin with vertical bedding that helps quickly drain water away.

How to read the forecast:

We generally dismiss anything under 30%. In fact, 30% seems to be the default forecast for our area almost all summer. This often results in people missing out on beautiful days where it never rains. If you do decide to consult the world wide web, pay attention to the details. 0.08” of rain still shows up as rain on the weather icon. As we like to say around here, the last time the weatherman had to be right was on the final exam, and then he only needed a “D.” If you have questions or concerns about the weather, call us.

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